Books of the Wyrd

[dropcap]S[/fusion_dropcap]itting at the intersection of the magical and the mundane, the Books of the Wyrd are a [highlight]queer Australian urban fantasy[/fusion_highlight] series dealing with old gods and new tricks.

The first book in the series, Liesmith, follows unassuming every-nerd Sigmund Sussman as he struggles through IT tech support and rogue Norse gods alike. The end of the world has come knocking, and Sigmund’s new boyfriend, the suspiciously ultra-hip Lain Laufeyjarson, is at the heart of it. Somehow, this is one problem turning it off and on again won’t seem to fix.

Liesmith and its sequels are available for purchase now!

Other works

[dropcap]E[/fusion_dropcap]dited by Jim C. Hines, with an introduction by Aliette de Bodard, Invisible 2 is the second in the collection of essays about the importance of representation in speculative fiction.

It features nineteen essays by a variety of authors, including Alis Franklin, who contributed “Fat Chicks in SFF“.

While the essays can be found at Jim’s blog, sales of the collection will go to help Con or Bust, an organisation that helps fans of colour attend conventions.

Invisible 2 may be purchased from AmazonB&NKoboSmashwords and Google Play.