Current projects

Alis’ current projects include:


  • THAT ONE WITH THE TENTACLES: Adult steampunk-esque fantasy. A government tax auditor gets turned into a tentacle monster. Currently a concept looking for a plot.
  • THE DRAGON OF ROSEMONT HIGH: Young adult urban fantasy. Sort of a crime thriller but with dragons and cosplaying. Currently about 40k down on paper, but needs its “mushy middle” sorted out before continuing. Homework Procrastination Theme Track: “Weapon” by M4SONIC.
  • DEMONS… IN SPAAAAACE!: Adult science-fantasy heist novel. Sort of Shadowrun meets the Ars Goetia but, like. In space. And with more bitcoin. Mostly plotted, currently just needs extraction from brainmeats and transcription into Scrivener. Music to Sell Souls To: Basement Jaxx featuring Dizzee Rascal, “Lucky Star”.

Hiatused and shelved projects:

  • BAD MEME: The third Book of the Wyrd. Written, but on hiatus because of reasons described here. An (unedited) excerpt is available to read online. Hiatus Hold Music: “Holy Moses” by Washington.
  • TRUTHTELLER: The fourth Book of the Wyrd. Sigmund, Em, and Wayne take their videogame concept, The Game Formerly Known as Saga, to demo at a convention in Sydney. Lain, meanwhile, gets embroiled in a plot from one of his old frenemies, media magnate Louis Starr…

Completed (yay) projects: