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Uncommon ground.

There’s a lot of discussion about how we need to reach out and talk to people who disagree with us – how we need to extend an olive branch and find common ground – and that’s a lovely sentiment, but in order for that to work, the other party needs to be … well, not a raging asshole. Insisting that people continue to reach out to their abusers in hopes that they will change suggests that the abuse is somehow in the victim’s hands to control.

Geraldine DeRuiter tried feeding trolls.

Obviously content warning at the article, which has screenshots of the abusive messages on Twitter.

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The beauty of getting someone else to do your infrastructure for you: last night while I was sleeping, was updated to Mastodon v2.7. This release has a bunch of new features, the main one being the directory (pictured above).

To say the directory was an, ahem, controversial feature would be butting it mildly, so the end result is opt-in via a setting on your profile.

Mastodon edit profile screen with the directory opt-in settin circled.

Opting in to the directory.

It’ll be interesting to see how this feature evolves, and in particular how it impacts the use of things like content tagging. But for now… there it is!

On the other hand, the main thing I’m jazzed for in 2.7 are the new moderation features, specifically the ability to send people narky emails from the UI when they do naughty things.1 Which, of course, no one is doing, because pretty much everyone on the instance is too nice. But, yanno. One day!2

  1. Or, yanno. ~gentle admin reminders~. ^
  2. And in the meantime… I just suspend the spambots. Spambots don’t get emails, they just get banhammered. ^
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Fandom crystal ball, 2019 edition.

On the future of fandom.

Obviously I have a vested interest in this, and that is “federated platforms, duh!”

That being said—and in line with owlmoose’s observations—there aren’t currently many great options for federated media platforms, though hopefully projects like Peertube and Pixelfed will help in that regard…

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The decentralised web.

Interesting interview with Eugen Rochko, a.k.a. Gargron the creator of Mastodon, on the growing resurgence of the decentralised, federated web.

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Oh Pillowfort, no.

Pillowfort… wut u doin’, man?

(With original credit here.)

Edited to add: From reports by other users, it seems Pillowfort isn’t doing any robust sanitization on usernames at all, allowing things like slashes and period and spaces that break their own UI. This is… not good. Weren’t they supposed to’ve done a “security audit” after their hack a few weeks back?

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Facebook is still garbage.

This seems… not particularly great. Even by Facebook standards.

Ironically, I finally deleted both Facebook and Messenger off my phone last night (I never use them, but still had the apps) and ahahaha I do not regret my life choices!

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I think it’s telling about the alienating effect of corporate social media that the most common new user interaction I see on Mastodon is:

[random musing about some feature they don’t understand/piece of etiquette they don’t get]

[helpful answer]

omg I didn’t actually expect to get nice people helping out lol

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Oh no not even Rothko is safe!

Relatedly: to this day, my mother has a framed Rothko exhibition poster she stole from a wall in a random room in the Venice Guggenheim museum when she was a teenager. So I guess I’ve always subconsciously associated Rothko paintings with crime? Which is… kind of inappropriate, I guess? But really, really specific and probably not what The Algorithm is flagging for…

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So to any fandom people looking for a new home in the post-Tumblr world, I’ve set up as a fandom-friendly and fan-run Mastodon instance.

I’m still setting up some things like the terms of service (and the all-important custom emoji), but general policies will include:

  • moderation for harassing or abusive content
  • allowed adult content (with content warnings in public timelines)
  • no ads, tracking, or user monetization.

For those unclear on Mastodon, it’s a Twitter-like social network, a primer on which may be found here. Any other questions, feel free to ping me. Otherwise, um… enjoy?

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